Hao Hai Title:Director of International Student Office & Dean
Tel: +86-411-84708265
Email: haohai@dlut.edu.cn
Responsibilities:General administration of ISO and SIE.
ZHANG Jidong Title: Associate Dean
Tel: +86-411-84706637
Email: zjd@dlut.edu.cn
Responsibilities:Academic affairs, comprehensive office works.
YI Honglian Title: Associate Dean
Tel: +86-411-84707457
Email: yihl@dlut.edu.cn
Responsibilities:Student Affairs, admissions and project works
MENG Linxi Title: Associate Dean
Tel: +86-411-84770794
Email: dutfao@dlut.edu.cn
DU Fang Title: Assistant Dean & Director of Enroll Students and Program Office
Tel: +86-411-84706370
Email: dufang@dlut.edu.cn
Responsibilities: Administration of international students recruitment, admission affairs.