DUT today

    DUT puts the talent training as a fundamental task, including undergraduate education and postgraduate educatio. We have formed a Tech-based, science, engineering, economics, management, literature, law, philosophy, arts and other disciplines’ coordinated development of the education system. DUT has built a graduate school, 7 faculties (29 departments totally), 7 independent schools, a teaching administration department, three specialized schools and an independent college; with Panjin campus of a basic teaching faculty and 6 schools.


    DUT has 4 first-level national key disciplines (mechanics, hydraulic engineering, chemical engineering and technology, management science and engineering (covering 15 two disciplines), 6 second-level national key disciplines (computational mathematics, plasma physics, machinery manufacturing and automation, structural engineering, design and manufacture of ship and marine structures, environmental engineering), and 2 second-level  national key cultivating disciplines. DUT has established 27 doctor stations of first-level discipline,128 doctor stations of second-level discipline ,42 master stations of first-level discipline , 218 master stations of second-level discipline, 25 post-doctoral research stations, as well as 10 categories of professional degree granting and  in-service teachers’ master degree granting, including Master of Business Administration (MBA, including EMBA), Master of Public Administration (MPA), Master of Architecture, Master of Engineering, Master of Finance, Master of Applied statistics, Master of Arts, Master of translation, Master of Accounting, Master of Engineering Administration


    There are 82 undergraduate majors, including 23 national specialty majors; 4 state-level teaching bases (Base of National Engineering Chemistry Base of  National Students' Cultural Quality Education, Base of National Integrated Circuit Training, Base of National Science Foundation of Scientific Research and Personnel Training ), 7 national experimental teaching demonstration centers and construction units (Center of Chemistry Experiment , Center of Engineering Training, Center of Electrical and Electronic Experimental , Center of Physics Experiment Center of Civil Engineering Experimental Center of Art Comprehensive Experimental Centere of Chemical Comprehensive Experiment ), and 7 national teaching teams. DUT is one of the universitis promoting students' innovative experimental plan of pilot schools, and one of the first listed in "Excellence Engineers Education Program" supported by Ministry of Education of China.