Chinese Language (Business) Major (Bachelor Program)






This major is a four-year degree program, and it emphasizes the practical use of Chinese in international enterprise management. The international students are expected to have a command of Chinese knowledge and skills which are required in business and trade. This program aims to cultivate advanced and applied talents in Chinese to meet the needs of the international market.


Main Courses


Basic Courses

Survey of China, Chinese Culture, Chinese Computer Editing, Second Foreign Language (English/Japanese), Physical Education

Compulsory Courses

Comprehensive Chinese, Listening, Oral Chinese, Reading, Writing

News Listening, Oral Chinese for Business, Business Communication, Business Writing

Core Courses

Pronunciation, Lexicon, Syntax, Rhetoric

Principles of Economics, Chinese Economy &Society

Business Negotiation, International Trade, Survey of World Economy

Selective Courses

Business Chinese, Grammar Training, HSK Counseling, Appreciation of Chinese Literature, Tai Chi, Tai Chi Fan, Calligraphy, Paper Cutting, Interesting Chinese Characters


Admission Qualifications

1. Non-Chinese citizen

2. Age between 18 to 25 years old and in good health

3. High School diploma and transcript

4. HSK4 180 or above or Chinese Language Learning Certification (six months or above) and Transcript

*Study experience in universities at home and aboard for half year or above and pass the entrance examination, can study from first Year in Spring Semester with HSK4-200 (or above)

*Study experience in universities at home and aboard for one year or above and pass the entrance examination, can study from Second Year in Spring/Autumn Semester with HSK4-220 (or above)

* Applicant under age 18 must have a guardian who lives in Dalian.


Semester Start

September 1


Fees (CNY)


Application Fee


Test Fee



First Year (2nd Semester)


Second Year




Accommodation (CNY)






Public Facilities


Ph.D & International Student Dormitory

Single Room


Internet Access, Desk, Wardrobe, Bathroom, Shower

Kitchen, Washing Machine, Microwave Oven

Stay for more than 3 months
Internet at own expense

Double Room


Single Room


Stay for less than 3 months
Internet at own expense

Double Room





Offered a separate room and Bathroom, breakfast and supper


Application Time

ought to complete the application before the end of June



Application Procedures

1. Upload the online application at

2. Upload the following documents in the online application system, one photo, HSK certificate, diploma of high school, school transcript, Financial Certification, Certificate of No-Criminal Conviction, Physical Examination Form and passport copy.

3. Applicants once admitted, the Admission Notice, the Application for Entry Form (JW202) and Physical Examination Form will be sent to the enrolled applicants, who could apply for an entry visa to China by presenting the above-mentioned documents, personal passports and the Physical Examination Records to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their respective countries.