Chinese Economy Energy & Environment

(May 17 - June 28, 2017)



     The six week summer program focuses on energy, environment policy and business in China,the second largest economy in the world, and how China is dealing with the energy and environmental challenges caused by the growth of the Chinese economy.

     Students will take 4 -8credits of pre- determined courses focusing on energy, business,Information and Communication Technologies and environmental policy in China. They will also have options to take additional Chinese Language courses at DUT. Extracurricular activities include tours in Liaoning Province, and two week internship.

Course Introduction

(At least two courses are to be selected)

1.Overview of the Chinese Economy

    The modern Chinese economy consists of a unique combination of state control, state enterprises, and free market entrepreneurship. Overview of the Chinese Economy examines how these segments of the economy work together and how they have generated sub-stantial economic growth for China.

2.Chinese Energy and Environment Policy & Management

    China is facing great challenges supplying energy for its growing economy,as well as issues of energy security .Chinese Energy and Environment Policy & Management looks into Chinese energy and environment regulatory frameworks, and how they have acted to increase energy production.

3. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

    Through introduction of emerging information and communication technologies (ICT), like social media, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, Telemetric, Virtual & 3D Web, Cloud computing, Big Date, and Business Intelligent et al, we hope to inspire students to understand business value and potentials of these disruptive technologies. By discussing the latest E-Commerce cases both in China and in the world, help students to form the developing and global prospective for E-Commerce. Students will learn the necessary analytical tools and management methods; think of e-commerce innovation based on emerging technologies. The final goal is to enhance the learners’bilities to adapt to the IT driven dramatic changing world.

4.Cross Culture Management

     This course emphasis cultural difference could cause issues and dilemma among teams and individuals within organization. The text brought attention on the culture relation with Management, Organization and Communication, and further detailing in individual values, group norm, leadership, organizational culture, structure, and organizational changes, as well as conflicts, negotiation, working with International teams to develop competences to cope cultural challenges thus to embrace collaboration capabilities for cross-cultural context.

About company

Neusoft is a publically listed and very good company that provides IT, management and consulting services for a variety of industries including electricity and energy industries.  Tek Expert is actually a multi-national service company that also provide services to energy/environment related companies. 

Internship Position: Engineering & Management & Marketing Trainee

Work Responsibilities:

Major related work(75%): 

Work in different departments learning programs used in project design.

Implement design codes from various countries.

Speak with coworkers in English to better their English skills.

Cultural Assistance(25%): 

To help to improve the cross-cultural understanding of Chinese staff and also organize team-building activities in special days.

To help to improve the cross-cultural understanding of Chinese staff and also organize team-building activities in special days.


 Survival Chinese Language course and other advanced Chinese language courses are available for interested students. These courses are non-credit bearing, and have an additional cost that will be paid by the student to DUT directly.

Fees Standard (Dollar)





Chinese Economic Overview(2 credits)


Chinese Energy Policy and Management(2credits)


Information and Communication   Technologies (2credits)


Cross Culture Management (2 credits)




Expanding Chinese Studies




Management fee



Housing & Meals

Attendants will be housed in dormitories with other international students arranged by SIE at DUT. Students will have access to the Internet and the dining halls on campus.

Important Dates

1. Duration of CEEE program: May 17- June 28, 2017;

2. Program starts on May 17

3. Registration day: May 17

4. Program ends on June 28

5. Application deadline: May 1.

Admission Requirements

Aged between 18 and 60(including 18 and 60);

University students 一 undergraduates or post-graduates;

 Physically and mentally healthy;

 No Chinese proficiency is required.

How to Apply

Online application: http://iso.

Contact us

School of International Education, DUT

Contact: Ms. Lvna, Ms.Zhang Yihan

Email: dutsice@

Tel: (86)-411-84706048 / 84706370

Fax: (86)-411-84770361


 "The program was an incredible experience for me and it will remain as a life time memory that I would look up to throughout the course of my life. I’m looking forward to go back one day and relive those unforgettable memories that we experienced as part of our program in Dalian University of Technology.” 一 Christian Mota from Pennsylvania State University

"Attending Dalian University of Technology was a life changing experience. I was able to become fully engulfed into the Chinese culture and understand a lot more about China not only on an educational level but also on a cultural one as well. Being a student at DUT was unforgettable and has already had a huge impact in my education back home.” 一 David Dean from Pennsylvania State University