校内快递服务通知及防疫提醒 Notice and prompt of campus express service

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Dear international students:


The school has set up a centralized express delivery point in the playground,on east of the Lingshui River, your expresses are arriving.


Please strictly comply with the regulations on epidemic prevention and control while picking up express:Avoid gathering, wear masks, queue up consciously, keep a distance of more than one meter, and leave immediately after getting it, wash your hands after taking the express.


In order to ensure the safety of pick-up, the staffs  have carried out a comprehensive disinfection of the express.



Important reminder


The current epidemic situation is complex,please follow the recommendations below:


1. Try to reduce or stop shopping that is not necessary or urgently needed online.


2. Specify the place of delivery before online shopping, and do not buy products from medium and high-risk areas.


3. Please understand the possible of lossing,dirt or damage on the outer packaging causing by the disinfect work.


4. Please understand that the delivery time would delay causing by the disinfect work, and try to take the express in time.


5. Pay attention to personal protection during the disassembly of outer and inner packaging, and try to complete it outdoors. After the outer and inner packaging are removed, do not bring them into the dormitory or indoor.


6. Clean personal hands and contact parts, reduce the contact between hands, other parts or living facilities after removing the packaging.


pay attention to epidemic protection when picking up express.



【防疫知识】中疾控 专家权威回应如何防范快递传播病毒

[epidemic prevention knowledge] The authority of disease control experts responded how to prevent the spread of virus by express delivery


In November 13th, the State Council joint defense joint control mechanism held a press conference. Zhang Liubo, chief expert of disinfection at the China Center for Disease Control and prevention, introduced that COVID-19 would spred when the following conditions are met at the same time:


First, the expresswas polluted by COVID-19 during the process of receiving and sending express.


Second, when you receive courier, COVID-19 on the Express items still alive.


Third, when receiving couriers, the person is polluted by COVID-19.


Zhang Liubo pointed out that to prevent express delivery of COVID-19, we should pay attention on three aspects:


1. Try to avoid pollution: for example, the express business in medium and high-risk areas should be suspended, and the express delivered by high-risk people and fever patients will not be collected temporarily; Couriers should strengthen health management to ensure that they are not infected and do not work with diseases; During express transportation, it is necessary to protect the package from direct exposure.


2. After receiving and delivering express mail and centralized sorting, the express company shall disinfect the express surface.


3. We should properly protect ourselves when receiving express, wear masks and gloves, and keep personnel one meter away. The surface packaging requirements for express should not be brought into the room. When it is nessesary to be brought in, you can use disinfectant wipes to wipe or disinfect its six sides or spray disinfection. It should also be emphasized that everyone must do hand hygiene after handling the express.

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