2022年寒假安全提示Reminders for Winter Holiday

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International Students studying at DUT should strictly abide by the laws of the Peoples Republic of China. Students should also obey the relevant epidemic-prevention management regulations set by the university and local communities.


The pandemic prevention and control still entail our attention. For students in China, please avoid mobility and travelling between the cities and participating in group activities. Do not leave school or Dalian if is unnecessary. If planning to leave, it is necessary to strictly implement the examination and approval procedures to ensure that the itinerary can be traced. In cases of international students leaving Dalian without authorization or report fake information, the school will take strict steps in accordance with Chinese laws and school rules and disciplines.


Please adopt healthy and well-balanced diet, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. Please remember to dress in accordance with the weather conditions.

**在校住宿同学须严格遵守宿舍管理规定,禁止在宿舍内吸烟,禁止在校内烧烤,严禁使用危险电器及私拉电线, 严禁楼宇内停放电动自行车或违规充电等;及时关闭电源,可燃物远离用电设备。Students who stay in dormitories are supposed to obey the accommodation regulations. Do not smoke in dormitory.  No barbecue on campus.  No dangerous electrical appliances and private wire pulling. It is strictly forbidden to park electric bicycles in buildings or charge them illegally. Turn off the power in time and keep combustibles away from electrical equipment.


Do not stay overnight in at others' place. Keep the dormitory clean and ventilated, keep the dormitory clean and tidy. No loud noise, do not affect the study and life of other students.


If you live off campus, remember to be careful with the natural gas burners in your apartment. Please protect yourself and avoid non-essential outdoor activities.


When entering the laboratory, we should strictly follow the operating rules, pay attention to personal protection, and operate under the guidance of teachers.


The university respects the national customs and religious beliefs of international students, but does not provide places for religious activities. International students shall not carry out any religious activities including missionary work or religious gatherings on campus.


Carry passport with you when you go out. Please extend your visa or residence permit before it expires.


No crowd gambling. No drinking or disturbing. Illegal drugs like marijuana or heroine are strictly forbidden.


Pay attention to any kinds of tele-fraud. Refuse any form of marketing and protect your personal information. Take care of your personal documents, and do not let others use them on your behalf. Always carry a photocopy of your important documentation (e.g. passports).

**不要轻易相信中奖短信,不要让一时的贪欲造成自身的财产损失; 不要轻易相信任何陌生人和未经核实的信息;不要轻易将短信验证码告诉别人.

If you receive a message saying you have won a prize, do not respond to it. Dont be tempted by the offer. Do not believe in strangers or unverified information easily. Do not send the SMS verification code to anyone.


Don't covet small bargains. Make sure you verify the authenticity and accuracy of the other partys information for all transactions involving the transfer of money.


Arrange your time carefully. Do not get addicted to the Internet and video games; Express their views rationally, not believe rumors, not spread rumors. Do not fabricate rumors, and  do not participate in any form of illegal activities.


Obey the traffic rules when traveling and crossing roads. Do not take unlicensed taxis. Do not buy, ride, or take unlicensed motorcycles.


It is illegal for international students to take paid part-time jobs. International students shall not be engaged in employment or other business activities during the whole period of their studies.


In case of robbery, violence, theft, electronic fraud and other events, please call the police: 110. Fire Police: 119.


Please call 120 when you encounter incidents or accident injuries.


If you have to consult, please contact your advisor. We sincerely wish you a safe and enjoyable winter holiday.