Gather love around DUT Spread friendship to the girl

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This is a girl who comes from Zimbabwe studying in the beautiful and romantic Dalian city, a girl who seeks dreams of brighter future at the Dalian University of Technology, a girl who pursues knowledge and the charming Chinese culture; but today, the hard working Sandy was lying on her back, suffering from acute lymphocytic leukemia. Recently ,a proposal of raising donations for Sandy was released on the platform of wechat .The news attracted a large number of attention from DUT students and the general compassion public figures, which made more than ten million hits online.

Sandy is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Civil Engineering in Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering at DUT. As as Sandy is in critical situations of academic studying; unfortunately, bad luck came in her way . She was diagnosed with Leukemia at the end of October 2014. The disaster was a great blow to her in this most beautiful times. To make matters worse, her family was so poor that can not pay for health care expenses. Fortunately,as soon as the news came out, a fund raising activity was organized by school of International Education immediately to help Sandy with her health care expenses. Vice-President of DUT Prof. Ning Guiling and the dean of school of International Education Prof. Chen Hongjun vigorously supported it. The activity lasted one week ,getting a donation of twenty thousand yuan (20000RMB) in total, all of which has been given to Sandy and her mother last week in the hospital.

   She is so unfortunate that she suffers from illness, but she is so lucky and thankful that people from all over the world came to help her in difficult days. DUT students’acts of kindness made the campus full of love and beauty. We sincerely hope that Sandy can conquer the disease and get a speedy recovery. We all wish Sandy a brighter and beautiful future.


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