School of International Education 2015 Graduation Ceremony and Graduation Party

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School of International Education graduation ceremony and graduation party was held on June 23rd at 6 o’clock in the evening at the Music Fountain square. Dalian University of Technology Vice Headmaster Guiling Ning, School of International Education Deanprofessor Hongjun Chen, DUT other departments leaders and teachers, and about 300 international graduating students took part in the ceremony.

All of the international students have come from different countries all over the world, they have different cultural background and religions, but today, they gathered at one place, here, at Dalian University of Technology. As Vice Headmaster of DUT Guiling Ning said, the quality of international students’ education has been growing through recent years, more and more international students have studied here, a part of them has became irreplaceableworkers at their countries.

At the ceremony, graduating students presented speech in fluent Chinese with deep feelings towards their alma mater. It’s worth mentioning, that there is a group of international students finished the only enroll international students’ major of Chinese language, which is a particular feature of education at School of International Education, and now, they are fluent in Chinese language, and have attained knowledge at economics and trade. At the end of the ceremony, professor Hongjun Chen, the Dean of School of International Education, has expressed his congratulations to graduating students and DUT to students’ ardent expectations.

After the graduation ceremony, full of Chinese traditional atmosphere’s site has became international students’ show off platform. International students from South Korea, Thailand, Pakistan and other countries presented wonderful performances at the stage. International students’ music band performed various genre songs from rock to ballad in Chinese and English languages, pushed atmosphere to a climax.

This graduation season finished happily in a warm atmosphere. International students’ graduation is a beginning of a new journey, no matter where to go, study at Dalian University of Technology is an important experience in their whole life. Wish them on the struggle road to become more self-confident and strong.

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