DUT Student Receives Invitation from the King of Saudi Arabia, Promotes the Establishment of a Friendly China-Saudi Relationship

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Recently, the leader of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, has accepted the invitation from President Xi Jinping to visit China to discuss state affairs.  In this process, King Salman has offered to meet with Saudi Arabian students from the Dalian University of Technology (DUT).

Those who have accepted the king’s invitation include bachelor student Jaber Rashed Malmarri from the department of Electrical Engineering and Automation, as well as graduate student Rami Talal T Alotaibi from the department of Construction Management. The meeting was held in Beijing’s Diaoyutai State Guest House, and within the span of a week, Jaber and those on the Suadi Arabian committee visiting China participated in a wide range of events related to external affairs, and accompanied members of the Saudi Arabian Royal House on a visiting tour of Beijing.

Both Saudi Arabian students are exceptional students that have been in China for a considerable time already.  They have been deeply moved by Chinese culture and hold DUT in high regard.  During their time at the university, they participated in the DUT International Cultural Festival several times, as well as the annual International New Year’s Party, Chinese Speech Competition, and other activities, always exhibiting upstanding behavior and receiving top marks. Jaber has also been selected as the 2015-2016 ambassador for DUT’s international students, has received the Dalian city government scholarship for 2015-2016, and was integral to the establishment of the Arabian Student Coalition in 2016, of which he remains the president.

During the course of the meeting with the king, Rami briefly described his life and studies at DUT to the king. King Salman expressed his wishes that Jaber and Rami continue to study diligently at DUT, continue to meet new friends, and bring knowledge of Chinese culture to Saudi Arabians.  He also hopes that after today, more Saudi Arabian students will come to China to study.

After returning from Beijing, Jaber was received by the dean of DUT’s School of International Education, Professor Hai Hao, who offered him and his compatriots sincere encouragement and wishes that they may pass their rich experiences on to more students abroad, in so doing becoming a cultural ambassador between China and other countries and especially furthering the friendly relationship between China and Saudi Arabia.

Jaber and Rami have expressed that their time at the Dalian University of Technology has been spent happily, and that they are grateful for the excellent student environment that the university has provided, and in particular, the concern and help they have received from teachers has been a benefit for them of enormous importance. Since first arriving in Dalian, these two students have thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of this city and have long since considered Dalian their second hometown. They have expressed that they feel proud to be students at this university.

After having gone through all the experiences of studying here, as well as meeting with the King of Saudi Arabia, Jaber and Rami have acquired a thorough understanding of China’s social and economic development, especially the “One Belt One Road” policy.  After today, they hope to be involved with foreign affairs and hope to contribute their abilities to the improvement of China-Saudi Arabia relations and exchange.

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