Notice of "Never late to learn" Chinese and English communication of learning

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In order to enrich the International students’ spare time and exercise their Chinese language proficiency, the School of International Education of Dalian University of Technology will organize the interchange activity for international students at school and English lovers of the elder university. Related matters as follows:

I、Basic Conditions:

1. Full-time international students and Chinese language students.

2. Native English-speaker or the English daily communication reached barrier-free above level.

3. Be interested in Chinese language and culture.


1. It aims to help International students and retired professors to communicate and learn Chinese and English with each other.

2. It aims to help international students to learn Chinese and know Chinese culture.

III、Activity time:

1 PM to 4 PM each Friday, Older university classroom


If anyone who is interested in, please go to the office 131 or 124 for registration. 

Registration Time: before every Wednesday

NOTE: After registration, the candidates will be determined by Student Affairs Office.

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