DUT Undergraduate of International Economics & Trade (English-Medium)

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DUT Undergraduate of International Economics & Trade (English-Medium)


Ø  Name of specialty: International Economics & Trade

Ø  Credit system: 4 years

Ø  Brief Introduction

This major is a four-year bachelor program of international students and affiliated to Faculty of Management & Economics (FME) and School of International Education (SIE) in Dalian University of Technology (DUT).With the advantages of FME ( which has passed the authentication of the AACSB and with the third-year learning experience in USA cooperative universities, the qualified students can get the rich professional knowledge and Bachelor of Economics awarded by DUT through the “2+1+1” Bachelor Program.

This major emphasizes on cultivating international students with the abilities of quantitative analysis of international economics& trade, and requires students to have a solid basic knowledge of economics, to grasp basic knowledge of international economics and international marketing systematically, to be familiar with generalregulations and rules of international economy, to understand the social economic circumstances of the main countries and regions, to master policies of international economy & trade, and to acquire the skills of dealing with international economics & trade activities of solving the real problems of marketing. Graduates are expected to work in trade management sectors of different levels, joint venture corporations, multinational companies, financial institutions and other enterprises and government institutions, and be engaged in economy analysis, management, investigation, consulting and making plans, or deal with international trade practice.


Ø  Application Requirements

ü  No Chinese proficiency is required;

ü  High school diploma;

ü  Documents to Support an Application

l  The filled-out Application Form

l  Six passport photos (3cmX4cm).

l  Copy of diploma of high school.

l  School transcript.

Ø  Cultivation Requirements

ü  Course Requirements

In principle, professional undergraduate courses should be finished in eight semesters. Undergraduate is required to get a total of 152 credits. Among them, the basic courses and required courses are 130 credits, and the selective courses are 22 credits. According to the actual needs of student abroad, Chinese elective courses may be added in the course to strengthen appropriately Chinese education.

ü  Paper Requirements

Students will take independent work (II) at the beginning of the eighth semester and complete their senior thesis. Thesis can be research results or process designs.

Ø  Main Course

ü  Principles of Management

ü  The Principles of Economics

ü  Financial Management

ü  Marketing Management

ü  International Economics

ü  Econometrics

ü  Game Theory

ü  Public Finance

ü  The Theory of Industrial Organization

ü  International Trade

ü  International Trade Practice

ü  Cross-border E-commerce Practice

Ø  Graduate Degree: Bachelor of Economics

Ø  Duration & Tuition Fee:

The 1st Year

Tuition: RMB 25500 Yuan, Application Fee: RMB 800 Yuan, Culture excursionsat own expense.

The 2nd Year

Tuition: RMB 25500 Yuan, and accommodation during off-campus internship at own expense.

The 3rd Year

Fees and expenses are subject to the selected USA university requirements, you can choose one from the three options:

1.        California State University at San Bernardino, Tuition: about $ 9000-12000,Accommodation& Meals: about $ 12000-15000

2.        California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo, Tuition: about $ 20000, Accommodation& Meals: about $ 14000-16000

3.        University of California Irvine, Tuition: about $ 30000, Accommodation& Meals: about $ 16000-18000

The 4th Year

Tuition: RMB 25500 Yuan.


Ø  Contact Information

Address: Linggong Road No.2, Ganjingzi District Dalian 116024, P. R. China


Office Tel: (86)411-84706048 /84706370




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