Welcome to the Second Annual Academic Forum For Chinese and International PhD Students “HUMAN HEALTH AND THE GREEN EARTH”

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From May 23 to 27, 2016, the second session of the United Nations conference on environment was held in Nairobi, Kenya. A series of reports show that a quarter of the world's deaths are related to environmental pollution. Environmental degradation causes people to die early and threatens public health, therefore it is urgent to improve the quality of the natural environment so as to ensure healthy and sustainable development of the human race. It is a common goal for all peoples that everyone around the world can live with honor and with dignity.

In order to help students’ gain a new understanding of environmental protection and human health problems and strengthen interdisciplinary academic communication between Chinese and international students, we hereby announce the hosting of the second annual Academic Forum for Chinese and International PhD Students.


Key words: renovation and improvement of the environment; good environment and human health; green economy and sustainable development


a. Manuscripts must be in English, include well-defined claims and well-supported evidence, connect theory with practice and present novel ideas and technological innovation. You are welcome to express opinions, perspectives and methods from any field of study, so long as it is relevant to the conference title.

b. No word count limit; for formatting, please refer to the template in attachment.

c. Format for title of electronic file containing manuscript (not manuscript itself): Manuscript topic + Name + Department + Major + Phone Number;

d. Deadline: Please send your manuscript to by June 16, 2016, 17: 00.


Manuscripts will be reviewed by professors; ultimately, 10 excellent manuscripts will each be rewarded 1,000 RMB and an honorary certificate. 

Contracts: Teacher Fu / TEL: 0411-84770162


School of International Education and Graduate School

Dalian University of Technology

June 3, 2016

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