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Notice for Application to the 2017/2018 “International Student Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement”

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The “International Student Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement” is meant to encourage diligent study and improvement by international students. Scholarship details are as follows:

1.  Scholarship Content:

This time, applicants is for the open quota.

There will be three recipients of the scholarship in total; Bachelor’s students and postgraduate students may all apply (including students who are self-funded or already have a scholarship). The school will conduct the initial review before the campus recommends students to the National Exchange Student Funding Management Committee, where academic performance, research ability, and attitude will be assessed.

2.  Eligibility:

a.  The “International Student Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement” is intended for students of Chinese Government Scholarship campuses who are full time bachelor’s students in their second year or above, or full time postgraduate students in their second year or above. Except for those graduating this semester or extending their period of study, all 2014, 2015 bachelor’s students (those in 5-year programs also include 2013 students), 2015 master’s students, and 2014, 2015 PhD students may all apply.

b.  You must have: high academic performance and grades and strong research ability;

c.  A friendly attitude in China, showing respect towards teachers and students;

d.  You must abide by all rules, be healthy, and committed to personal development;

e.  You must actively participate in campus activities; those with exceptional performances will have priority;

f.  If many students meet these requirements, those who are financially disadvantaged will have priority.

3.  Scholarship Amount:

This is a one-time scholarship (Bachelor’s students will receive 18,000 RMB/person, and postgraduate students will receive 30,000 RMB/person)

4.  Application Procedure

a.  Register online

Applicants must register before June 22, 5pm, by visiting ( and submitting your information electronically.(Program Category Type C; Agency Number:10141)

b.  Hard copies of materials:

                               i.   You must fill in and submit a copy of the “Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form” (please download it from the National Exchange Student Funding Committee website);

                             ii.   2016-2017 grade list (generated and stamped by the educational system);

                            iii.   The original copy of your proof of study form;

                             iv.   A letter of recommendation and name list from the school;

                               v.   Proof of reference for your articles or theses, admission notice, (other thesis materials are not considered) or proof of publication;

                             vi.   Proof of any competitions or prizes won on national, provincial, or state levels;

                            vii.   Proof of participation is any student clubs or organizations;

                          viii.   Other materials of proof must receive an official stamp from the office;

                             ix.   Other supporting materials that reflect the academic performance of the student;

                               x.   According to the above application materials, please fill out the “2017 Form for International Student Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement” (the format is attached).

5.  Review Requirements:

a.  Before June 22, 5pm, applicants must register on the website (, submit the electronic versions of their materials, and submit their hard copies of materials to the School of International Education.

6.  Contact

Mr. Jiang (Bachelor’s students), Ms. Zhao (Master’s students), Mr. Fu (PhD students)

Contact number: 84770162

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