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Administration on International Students Dormitory

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    Chapter I General Provisions
    Article 1.  This regulation is formulated in accordance with such related laws and rules as Law of the People’s Republic of China on Control of the Entry and Exit of Aliens, Accommodation Registration Administrative Regulation for Foreign Nationals, and DUT Student Accommodation Regulations in order to regulate and strengthen the administration of the international students dormitory, create a civilized, healthy, safe, clean and comfortable condition for students at DUT, and safeguard students’ legal rights.  
    Article 2.  DUT international students dormitory (hereinafter referred to as “DISD”) is in the charge of International Students’ Office for Comprehensive Affairs. Tenants must acknowledge and promise to obey all the regulations on DISD and finish the related procedures accordingly before move in. 
    Article 3.  DISD belongs to DUT. DUT Service Centre of Doctorial and International Students Dormitory ( hereinafter referred to as “DSCDISD”) is in charge of DISD’s property management and service. DISD is for the residence of international students in School of International Education, DUT. Tenants must observe all the regulations and rules.


    Chapter II Check-in/ Check-out Application and Payment
    Article 4.  Applicants need to submit Application Form for DISD to Admissions Office, and go through all the move-in or move-out procedures in International Students’ Office for Comprehensive Affairs
Applicants need to submit necessary documentation such as DUT’s Letter of Admission, visa and passport, make the registration, and pay the rental and guarantee deposit to International Students’ Office for Comprehensive Affairs.
    Article 5.  Before moving out, tenants need to go to International Students’ Office for Comprehensive Affairs for move-out procedure and payment. Tenants should also assist the property check by and return the key to DSCDISD. Any damaged or missing accessories must be compensated in accordance with the Price List of Indoor Items (see Appendix I).
    Article 6.  If moving back after moving out, tenants need to apply again, following the same procedures as the initial application. 
    Article 7.  Married students with scholarship and their spouses must strictly obey DUT regulations when live off-campus or in DISD. 
    (1) Married students could apply for a two-bedroom apartment only when the spouses are both DUT students and do not have children with them. Applicants need to apply one month prior to move-in by submitting marriage license. Other cases are not considered eligible for application. 
    (2) The spouse of married student could apply to visit for no more than 30 days during the vacations. Applications need to be submitted one month prior to his/her move-in to School of International Education, but approval cannot be guaranteed since the rooms in DISD are restricted. 
    (3) Off-campus living is not recommended. Applying to live off-campus, scholarship grantee must apply to and get the permission from School of International Education by providing necessary documentation, including visas, passports, and rental contracts which have been registered in the local Public Security Bureau. Once approved, applicant could be offered with housing subsidy. The housing subsidy stops from the date when DISD key is assigned to the applicant if he/she moves back to DISD.


    Chapter III Regulations on Accommodation 
    Article 8.  In order to guarantee the daily order of DISD, tenants are required to reside in the assigned room and follow the administration of DSCDISD. Room transfer, room restructuring, accessory moving or changing without permission is forbidden. Any problem with the accessories should be reported to DSCDISD timely. 
    Article 9.  Keys are forbidden to be lent. Changing or adding new locks or making additional copies of keys without permission is also forbidden. 
    Article 10.  Bunk transfer without permission or accommodating others overnight is forbidden. 
    Article 11.  Raise the precaution awareness and emphasize the security prevention. Make sure the windows are shut and the door locked before leaving the room. Take good care of the valuable belongings. Put cash into bank deposit.
Report to dormitory administrative staff or on-campus security authority if suspicious visitors are detected . 
    Article 12.  Strictly follow the timetable of DISD. 
    (1) DISD is open from 5:30 am to 11:00 pm. 11:00 pm to 5:30 am the next day is curfew time. 
    (2) Latecomers must register to dormitory administrative staff in advance and assist to keep a record of late return. 
    Article 13.  Visitors must register at the front table of DISD.
Visitors must register with valid documentation, including passport, ID, or student ID with school stamp and observe the requirements of administrative staff.
Visitors must leave DISD before 11:00 pm and are not allowed to enter DISD after 10:00 pm. Administrative staff have the rights to ask visitors to leave DISD. 
    Article 14.  Tenants have the responsibility to maintain the daily order of DISD. 
    (1) Mission and religious-materials-distribution in DISD,exhibition of religious pictures, paintings, words or decorations in public space in DISD are all forbidden. 
    (2) Alcohol abuse,fight, or disturbing neighbors by speaking loudly or playing loud music are forbidden.  
    Article 15.  Private and public sanitation and hygiene should be well maintained both inside and outside the dorms.
Piling up in the corridor is not allowed. Clothing and other things are not allowed to be hung or placed outside the window. Pet-keeping is not allowed in DISD.
Vehicle parking in DISD is forbidden, either in hallway, corridor or dorms. 
    Article 16.  Public property should be well cared for. Equipment should not be damaged, dismantled or tampered with in any way. Any damage or missing should be compensated. Water and electricity should be saved. 
    Article 17.  Observe all the fire regulations and prevent the fire accidents.
Firefighting equipment and distribution box must be protected and maintained in good order. Combustibles, explosive substances and volatile chemicals are not allowed in the dorms.
If leaving school for personal reasons for more than 5 days, tenants must submit written application in advance to Student Affairs Office of School of International Education. If permitted, tenants should cut off power before leaving the room.
Smoking is forbidden in DISD. 
    Article 18.  Guarantee the safe utilization of power.
    (1) Casual connections of wires or stealing public power is forbidden;
    (2) Electronics and appliances such as electric heater, electric stove, electric oven, electric blanket and microwave oven are forbidden in DISD. Violators undertake to take full responsibility for the loss and unfavorable consequences resulted from using forbidden electronics or appliances.


    Chapter IV Penalties
    Article 19.  Penalties for regulation violators include written warning, public criticism, disqualification of accommodation in DISD, and other punishment by Students Discipline Office. Scholarship grantees will be disqualified for scholarships if violate the regulations. 
    Article 20.  Tenants will be ineligible to remain in DISD if found one of the following behaviors:
    (1) doing business or illegal conduct in DISD;
    (2) being threat or hidden threat to other tenants;
    (3) transferring or renting bunk or room to others without permission;
    (4) accommodating others overnight;
    (5) defaulting on rentals or not clearing the balance due three days after receipt of payment reminder; 
    (6) not registering on time after the visa renewal.


    Chapter V Supplementary Provisions
    Article 21.  This regulation takes effect since March, 2013. 
    Article 22.  This regulation must be strictly observed. Violators will be punished accordingly. 
    Article 23.  School of International Education, Dalian University of Technology reserves the rights of final explanation of this regulation. In case of discrepancy, the original version in Chinese shall prevail.

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