Application Information

Application Information


Q1. How do I apply to DUT?

A: Applicants must log in http://iso. to complete the online application. Register the account for the first time use, and log in the online application system with the user name and password after that. IE browser (6.0 or 7.0) is recommended, and other version’s browser may not work properly.


Q2. How can I get the admission information?

A: Please refer to our website at http://sie.


Q3. How do I write a Study Plan or Research Proposal?

A: According to your research field and direction, please expatiate on the major or research field you would like to study at DUT, especially for the Ph.D or master applicants. A study or research plan should be in Chinese or in English (no less than 800 words).


Q4. Does the acceptance letter or issued by DUT supervisors can be considered as the admission notice?

A: Only the official admission notice issued by School of International Education of DUT is valid. Other docs like acceptance letters or from supervisors or professors shall not be regarded as the equivalents or substitutes.


Q5. Can the Chinese orgins apply to DUT?

A: The Chinese orgins can apply to DUT if the applicant has held the foreign passport for no less than 4 years on the condition of living in the citizenship residence continuously for 2 years at least.