Master of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL)

Ⅰ. Introduction

This program is characterized by well-designed curriculum, outstanding faculty, strong academic atmosphere, diverse language activities and social interaction.

MTCSOL is designed to cultivate many high-quality top talents with a global vision, inter-disciplinary knowledge and practical application, who know about Chinas national condition and culture, have Chinese knowledge and skills in teaching, and also have good cultural/cross-cultural communication skills.



Ⅱ. Program Objectives

1. To have good professional quality and ethics.

2. To have systematic professional knowledge, and inter-cultural communication skills, with high Chinese cultural awareness.

3. Proficiency in Chinese as a second language teaching. To speak a foreign language fluently for teaching and communicating, and to be skilled at teaching via modern educational technology.

4. Management skills. To be able to effectively manage, organize and coordinate projects of international cultural communication, and to assist general academic work in overseas institutions like Chinese Studies Centers.

5. To be able to engage in related work on foreign language and culture communication.

6. To cultivate high-level native Chinese teachers for different language countries.


Ⅲ. Class Type

The program consists of two parts:

1. Taught Component

Specialized courses: Chinese as a Second language Teaching, Modern Chinese Studies, Second Language Acquisition, Case Analysis of Chinese Classroom Teaching, Cross-cultural Communication, Teaching of Chinese Language Element, Error Analysis in Acquisition of Chinese Language, Cognitive Linguistics, Chinese Literary Classics and Chinese Splendid Traditional Culture. 

Public compulsory and elective courses: The History of Chinese Science and Technology, Basic Chinese Language, as well as the Brief Introduction of Chinese Culture. Among them, more than half of the core courses are taught in English or in both English and Chinese.

2. Professional practice

This program emphasizing both basic theoretical learning and practical application. Thriving cooperation and communication relations have been established with many universities and institutes around the world, such as foreign friendship schools, Confucius Institutes of Belarusian State University, Confucius Classroom, etc. All international students of this program can go to the practice bases at home and abroad to teach Chinese as a foreign language as well as to promote Chinese culture and customs.


Ⅳ. Application Qualification

1. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, have attained a bachelor’s degree in a formal university. Those who major in the Chinese Languages and Humanities & Social Sciences are preferred.

2. Applicants are expected to have Chinese language competence equivalent to New HSK 5-210 (or above), with at least 65 in Writing (composition). Applicants should have a near-native competence of Chinese. 

3. Adequate command of aural and oral English is required.

The applicants can apply for Chinese Government Scholarship, International Chinese Language Teachers( Confucius Institute) Scholarship and DUT scholarship.


Ⅴ. Studying Form and Duration

1. Full-time on-campus study. The curriculum mode is basic course learning, teaching practice and thesis writing.

2. The length of program is 3 years.